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Psychology seeks advice from division: A huge legendary turtle of castrate of sp
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Nowadays, the popular “ in the netizen looks for a police to be inferior to seeking the view of network ” . Setting of an a piece of photograph on the network, video, even name of a net, once was issued ” of “ network order for arrest, can countless netizens are participated in come in, from different approach true to its identity and privacy information undertake “ carpet type searchs ” , like game spelling a plan, after all sorts of information are complementing each other and be being combed integratedly, the person in a reality is over ” of search of soil preparation “ come out. Target character often is ” of “ morality conspirator, once reveal one's true features, by numerous person ground of do one's best is wanton send troops to punish. The flesh searchs the “ Peking Man that needed female ” of cat of cruel of door ” , “ to arouse judicatory controversy to recently from “ copper ” of the first case, dispute heat is discussed already pushed person pork search cliff margin. The feelings of the masses of relic of this kind of similar Culture Revolution is indignant the monitoring mechanism that is order of new-style folk morality after all, be still crisis of psychology of a common?

People needs ” of punching bag of a “
Numerous netizen falls in the circumstance that cannot get any actual recompense, not hesitate expend many time, cost to go ” of “ search person, this is impulse of a kind of morality not just. On psychological level, people needs the target ” that a “ is atttacked. In daily life, people always has a few undesirable hobby, say ” of the person dispute, person that take pleasure in other's misfortune to have bad luck to “ even hits a person when he is down rear for instance etc, although people is not had to party,complain angry. Psychological research announced a such phenomena: Boreal quail says to seek suddenly to uncover Lv of  of Gorgon euryale of  snipe Yi Qian moxibustion with course of study of  of Yi of bad of Xiu haze extensive this pair of our psychology meet? of some Tan Ren instead is a kind of benign stimulation, make we produce slight pleasure. Why is the meeting such?
The first, according to Fuluoyide's viewpoint, the person holds “ concurrently to give birth to ” of dead instinct of natural ” and “ , dead instinct is in cannot face towards oneself when can change outwards, the aggressiveness of the bound outside becoming didymous and destroy desire, the ” of “ vicious power in this kind of human nature is in actual regulation and cannot release at will, be in depressive condition basically, and once had ”(of medium of some kind of “ for instance the fault of others or demerit) , found to watch plausible drain channel, have charge to its. So, get on those having to be contrary to to the network face to face when the incident of common of public order fine appears, people nature meets what truly ponders ground general regard as punching bag of a first-rate.
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