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Psychology seeks advice from division: A huge legendary turtle of castrate of sp
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The 2nd, consult the society in information is compared. “ person is sociality animal ” , this concept the corporeal dependence besides demonstrate mankind group, return those who have mentally to point to, namely the person needs to a frame of reference will undertake ego is evaluated, experience through producing proper mood with congener comparison to reach. Alleged “ is more insufficient than going up, more superabundant than falling ” is mechanism of defense of a kind of psychology. People chooses to it relative consult information is familiar person's similar perhaps person and public character normally. When network focusing the party of some incident, no matter he is distinguished personages or careless root, can become people subconscious consult mediumly information. So, people is particularly sensitive to ” of “ celebrity scandal with excitement, because of its slow down the psychological pressure that place of relative fall ” generates “ society. And to a few Everyman that became target of public criticism, there is intense morality to feel primely just about while people is atttacking fling abuses. “ favour does not go out, the experience of life that evildoing passes ” of a thousand li also test and verify people is right in daily psychology the demand of ” of “ punching bag.   
Change carefully into   of ” of “ network despotic rule
Person pork search encounters legislative “ makes stop ” , because have,be numerous by ” of “ pursue and wipe out person legitimate right is persecuted, for instance reputation authority, privacy right, quiet authority.
Hold high with moral name when people when the sword of tort, essence challenges the “ force ” of moral bottom line one kind just about however. The person pork that why provides aggressiveness extremely searchs the result that can you form giant force and produces hundreds respond to a single call? The base that searchs because of person pork depends on “ person much power big ” . · of psychologist ancient Si Dafu straps Pang to say: &Ldquo; becomes one of the group when the person when, can realize the number gifts his force, this enough makes him unripe give homicide to sweep past the thought of disaster, and meet immediately yielding at this kind of temptation. ” why every each body may be to install goodness civilian, and gather together to become a flock of thug possibly however? Because individual the behavior that the safe move that blend in a group and produces can make they dare to indulge their, and think oneself won't get toughly punish, law not duty numerous make suggestion of a kind of psychology. On psychology, this kind of phenomenon calls “ group polarization ” , when the psychology that accords with an individual when the viewpoint of the people in a group and reaction namely expects, the thinking of this group and decision-making can move toward extreme and adventure. The faceless sex of together with network makes the netizen produces “ to go individual change ” effect, so search of pork of every time person is revealed gave a netizen the surging forward with great momentum of interactive war.
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