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Psychology seeks advice from division: A huge legendary turtle of castrate of sp
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Nowadays, a lot of rights of the public are to pass a network to arouse come activation, implementation and agglomerate. ” of “ network community gave people equality participation right, the person that make people is accepted by passive information became the person that active information is offerred, ego achievement feeling is able to promote. And person pork search is further ground makes everybody turned “ police ” , Judge “ into ” of the person that ” and “ morality try, the careless root group that netizen place represents force of this one society has risen abruptly it seems that, and experiencing a kind of all-time “ influence is psychedelic ” . The collective in ordinary people is involuntary in, often existing somehow influence is thirsty, produce consequence for pair of societies of utmost, ” of their “ sense of justice becomes ” of “ network despotic rule with respect to easy changeover.
In the meantime, fossorial the privacy of party of mining of 3 feet ground also exposed a kind of clammy psychology. Although peek and curiosity are a kind of instinctive impulse of the person, but the ” of illegal punishment of a kind of “ that turned this kind of oneself desire into pair of others avowedly, it is the expression of deviate health state of mind and sound moral quality.
Person pork is searched and there is no lack of active social meaning, what it is adumbrative modern common the will of the people knows is mature, cherishing defend, rebuild the passion of system of social morality value. But, do not let morality turn “ into the weapon of staking ” , morality gives what the person brings should be attributive feeling, safe feeling, sweet feeling, is not scared feeling.  

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