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Teenager of network strong interest be the same as a bed 16 years with the grand
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Flower teenager of 16 years old bright young, 14 years old before it is the grandma bathes for its shampoo all the time, be born to be the same as a bed and sleep with the grandma all the time up to now. Recently, because bright young indulges the network is sent into psychological hospital by the grandma with all sorts of behavior problems, free deliverance treats the love that accepts a hospital.
I dare not give “ him money gets online, be afraid that he goes be grabbed secretly! ”

Bright young grows have delicate features, age wants than actual age it seems that a lot of smaller. His dumb moment appears a bit undemonstrative, but see a reporter however shout abuse, sentence sentence wide mouth. Ought go up first he of 2 already discontinue one's studying is in the home large half an year, now is to be in the home to sleep by day everyday, go out in the evening the Internet bar plays game. “ once he goes out 5 days not to come back! Recently a few weeks are often 9 days do not come back, bout home is about money. I dare not give him money, I am afraid that he does not have money to be grabbed secretly. ”

The grandma says, the child a year ago grows day and day to the infatuation of network game, develop to do not have money to get online to be able to keep boisterously gradually, violent rage when still can hit a grandma. Father bought computer to him later, he all day with computer always together, forget food and sleep, after be blamed by the grandma flat break computer rotted to the outside the Internet bar gets online. After computer does good works, he still goes to an Internet bar, still learned smoking to drink, associate with a gang society does not have industry young person, the grandma always can find him in two around Internet bars.

The reporter discovers inadvertently in the computer of bright young, the record that browse is violent and bloody game and pornographic webpage almost. Father of grandma specification son is outer work to already half an year never comes home, computer is bright young is being used all the time. Other whats are clear about besides knowing grandchildren often plays game. He should differ 20 yuan to 200 yuan to the grandma every time now, result of the study before discontinue one's studying drops by before class 20 5 many 0. Appeal to be mixed at the school after grandma Ceng Xian house appoint meeting, the hope can make child give up abusive regain school, but the help that did not get satisfaction. Helpless in the love deliverance activity of know psychology hospital, pressing requirement sends a courtyard cure the child, like hope medium can appeal and helping grandchildren by accident the child of enchanted besmear.

“ is warm without the family, without father love, without mother love! ”

I know “ , he becomes this model now, because do not have domestic warmth,be, without father love, without mother love! ” says the thing in build up, freely of old tear of grandma bitterness difficult Nai.
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