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Adolescent child affection is easy " off the rails "
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Near end as holiday, many children appeared again the condition that holiday imposes integratedly. “ these days most phone asks ‘ works to won't do how to do ’ namely. Director of referral center of psychology of ” middle and primary school Mr. Wen Fang says. To the high school student's parent, mr. Wen suggests, notice to be communicated with the child, guide the child's affection in time, 3 weeks of or so meetings after because be in normally,terming begins have a lot of students to seek advice about the problem that be pregnant.

Vigilant child affection is broken out

A parent came to “ yesterday seek advice, because the son of the high school on discovery prepared a gift: Urgent lever of  of  of lane of cochlea of bell of anxiety ㄊ breed appears А of    Mr. ?rdquo; Mr. Wen to say, such gift incident after term begins is not rarely seen, because want to send a costly doll to get to the schoolgirl,a junior high school was born last year the parent's block the way, want to engage in a lawsuit with the parent with respect to threaten.

“ because hold back a holiday, the classmate sees after term begins the metropolis is very glad, a few students make a few ultra conduct very easily because of impulse at this time. Because spend the New Year,accepted money given to children as a lunar New Year gift, content of give sb a present was become express affective first selection. Mr. ” Mr. Wen says, every arrive after term begins 34 weeks when, a week can have about a hundred phone to seek advice from “ to be pregnant the pertinent question such as semiotic ” , seeing the “ affection of student of opening initial stage break out ” is not individual phenomenon.

To adolescent child, the parent should notice to guide. Can innocently ” is in “ the book that health of a few concerned youth puts to teach in the home, if discover the child has been leafed through, can discuss a few relevant views with the child at will. Notice the child's trend at the same time, communicate in time.

The student should shift to an earlier date a week is adjusted

After terming begins to avoid all sorts of incommensurate, mr. Wen Fang suggests the student begins to undertake condition adjust from now.

It is to adjust biological clock above all, holiday the activity is much in the evening, cause the disorder of biological clock very easily. Before term begins a week should adjust time of work and rest, assure by day spirit, sleep on time in the evening. The 2nd should undertake adjustment to special time. A class after term begins 45 minutes, want to be able to sit so that live. The 3rd it is clear an account, spend the New Year play so that do not close, exercise of a lot of students has not been written. The 4th it is conduct financial transactions, not be to liquidate the fund in the hand, arrange the knowledge in brain however. The content that tells last term teacher is recollected, prepare for new term.
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