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Neuter changes schoolboy of tendency menace middle and primary school
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The schoolboy that is interested in learn is decreasing
Why does “ want the excuse that has fun at to learning to me. ”

Should ask about when why liking to learn, jiangxi province is new beyond in the Yu Hao of 3 answers a reporter so first.

“ my schoolgirl mostly very good, parents lets them learn well, they learn well. I feel to attend university, superior college, just be the parent's one's own wishful thinking. ”

Arrive from junior high school now, profession of logical sequence of north of city of Zhejiang province lukewarm state is advanced the middle school is high the Zheng Wei of one, also feel deeply, the girl should compare a boy generally in study respect self-conscious, a few more active. Be in at ordinary times in study, zheng Wei returns discovery, if the teacher arranged a subject, the schoolgirl can be done well mostly, one have do not understand to quiz to the teacher instantly, next actively gives the title solve come out, under photograph comparing, a few schoolboys may be lazier, waiting for a teacher to say the result.

Hunan Province bosom turns city jointly with the county the Hu Jian of the first middle school tells a reporter, the initiative that learns possibly as a result of the schoolgirl is strong, 2005, 2006 Number One Scholar of city science department is a schoolgirl, liberal art Number One Scholar is the schoolgirl's the world more.

The Wang Chen of 43 middle school second year in high school of Tianjin city also is mentioned, annual class in the 900 much people of 17 class, before be located in grade 50 student, the schoolgirl occupies 3 / 4. And achievement discharges the schoolboy number in year fine to also want than the schoolgirl much. Wang Chen feels, the schoolgirl in class has the advantage with strict requirement of effort, serious, ego mostly, and the schoolboy's biggest question goes to contain power in lack, “ boy gets easily the interference of the outside and influence. He tells ” the reporter, some boys will be more corrupt in class play, the meeting when attending class takes a look, make petty action, after “ achievement was differred more the meeting is abandonment, otherwise is more apathetic to achievement. This or need teacher and parent use some of method, the passion that comes to right study raise us. Additional, at ordinary times the parent and teacher also should supervise and urge a little to us supervise and urge, do not be in charge of too close, without giving thought to,also do not want. ”

Of word of outstanding schoolboy pleasant to the ear what have aspiration and ideal very much more is little

The view that Mr. Yang Jie of middle school of Shanghai Great Harmony delivers boy ” to “ special self-identity, “ attends a meeting in the school now receive award, those who appear on the stage to receive award is almost complete it is the girl, at most 9 boys; In a class, arrive from the monitor League branch secretary, arrive again study committee member, also be a schoolgirl, can have exceptional man student now and then more outstanding, but also be the schoolboy that teacher of the sort of obedient, side works only, is not to have the aspiration, man student that has ideal very much very much. ”
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