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Children is boastful it is to be afraid of by negligence
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I am teacher of a middle school, I discover, always some of student likes play the peacock. I had heard such argument, a child says you see “ I am much more arrogant, took a ball to break through forbidden zone yesterday, shoot calls to allow then. Oneself admire oneself! If ” has other classmate or teacher course, their “ blows ” to get fiercer. Is this how to return a responsibility?

Deceptive teacher

I want to ask this teacher, how many student is there in your class? Understand according to me, the class of a lot of schools also has 559 students at least now, some key middle schools, class size was achieved unexpectedly 90. A teacher says with me: “ student is too much, got on the class of a semester to still make not full name actually. ” actually, this is the place of the problem, children because fear to be ignored,play the peacock often is.

Adolescence is a person from psychology muddleheaded split up to what form character trait period. Right now child had accepted the new change of oneself, like build tall, voice went to wait, accordingly they are about to give their fixed position afresh, search the new characteristic of oneself. Look in them, alone its just can be paid close attention to by others so. Then, you look at them to be like a heart to not have by look for ground dashs along, actually they are observing secretly all round the person's expression, once discover others to be interested in what what he says, they more vigorously.

In addition, the backside that they fear to be ignored also reflected the uncertainty to self-image. Adolescent child does not know what whether can his behavior and advantage get another person to approbate. Accordingly, they are pretentious oneself are for ” of “ lapidation ask the way actually, seeing others is affirmative after all to his evaluation negative still, so that adjust oneself behavior in time.

Ego is pretentious letting others look is expression of a kind of immodest, 2006, an investigation that teenage to 5000 place makes total company of edition of new scent of Chinese teenager children and United Nations Children's Fund Commission shows, the child of 53% thinks, like ego pretentious person is the most undesirable. Accordingly, to liking the child with pretentious ego, the parent and teacher should guide correctly.

When guiding the child, cite a case for, the child assembled a computer independently, when his achievement to your play the peacock, you can say “ works dishy! ” lets the child obtain first approbate. Next, allocate bit of unfamiliar to them again “ task ” , can make them clear so, oneself have an advantage to have inferior position again already.

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