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Adolescent high school student 10 kinds of psychology are contradictory
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Middle school phase is the period of chief body of high school student, long knowledge, long wisdom, also be the period that its morality character and world outlook form stage by stage. In this one period, the high school student is facing the sharp change of physiology, mentally, add nervous study and new environment, what produce mentally very easily is incommensurate, pose psychological contradiction.
Its psychology is contradictory and Baconian rise, have 10 kinds probably:
The first, good will and psychology prepare the contradiction that be out of line

Almost every high school student has good will, look forward to to was full of and yearning. Their illusion does to cadre of writer of knowledge, valued getting a person, engineer, doctor, entrepreneur, leader is waited a moment, and there are a few studies among them actually is not very of effort, they pass one day to calculate a day, although their desire is good, but what they go after is implementation completely a variety of honor after ideal and enjoy, and ideal to coming true need is made from now, need gives hard work, think Debuduo however, do not quite, the desire that formed happiness and psychology prepare the contradiction that be out of line. Solve the effective method of this one contradiction, teach a student to treat good ideal and real concern namely, make them clear, good ideal need struggles difficultly to just can come true.

The 2nd, grumous enjoyment the contradiction with consciousness and labor thin idea

In recent years, as the ceaseless development of market economy, of people living standard rise ceaselessly, a few high school students are more and more exquisite “ actual ” , add female coddle since childhood of two pairs of on a few parents, beautiful on child body money extravagant, make consumptive desire of the high school student grows day and day. According to our sampling investigation, majority student buys snacks to eat everyday, the classmate spends birthday, outside dividing courtesy demands reciprocity, place even convivial. ” of gentleman of smoke of the “ in the schoolboy, “ is small there are plenty of such people of wine civilian ” : What dress dresses up is pay attention to to be able to be found everywhere in the schoolgirl, some female survival are carrying high-grade cosmetic, change ceaselessly modern dress. But there is person of quite a few in these students labor idea is thin, they despise labor, think labor is redundant even, the general cleaning that organizes with respect to the school when Lian Ping also is fed up with, can saying to take the negative attitude, idea that hates work to labor is quite general in a few high school students. Accordingly, the teacher should teach a student to know the goodness that love labor is the mankind, passing fatigue to move those who come to enjoy is proper, glorious, reap without sowing it is a kind of disgraceful behavior.

The 3rd, psychological closedown contradicts with what long for understanding
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