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What to take to praise you, my student?
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“ good child is the ” that boast comes out, through praising with praise, raise the proper pride of a child, bring about its then ceaseless effort and progress, this is an accepted educational concept almost. However, confront the student of a commendable, how we convey our affirmation again, in the heart that makes this kind complimentary point to a student continuously, not be every teaching staff can well-done. Some teachers, praised frequency is too tall, praised form passes again onefold, it is to relapse instead merely answer oral praise, affected him laudatory result so for many times. So, as a teacher, those content can consider to regard expression as affirmative to the student form?

Praise it may not be a bad idea, praise also, term of major of intention a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, it is a kind of form of aggrandizement. And in light of the principle from psychology, the choice of fortifier is OK from proceed with of the following respects:

It is corporeal sex fortifier. This includes food, toy, stationery, clothings to wait. Can imagine, if the teacher takes an apple to enter a classroom before lecture, put word: Who behaves today's classroom well, the teacher gives him this apple, let him eat this apple before everybody's face go down. If which student got this apple because of the effort of this hall class, when eating the apple that issues this Laoshi to prepare technically for him before the face of other classmate when him, this is not the most delicious apple that he takes this all one's life probably, but OK and affirmative is, his meeting experience arrives and have the taste with malic different place before. Inside the range that permits in economic limits, be in corporeal sex fortifier pen, this besides extend somewhat, include to learn to eat a Mcdonald's raw please, perhaps give a student a chewing gum, etc, you can get the educational result that expect is less than.

2 it is sociality fortifier. Alleged sociality, it is the result that interacts between person and person. The teacher includes smile, admiration to sociality aggrandizement of the student, nod, look attentively at, clap is waited a moment. Our redo is set want, the teacher thinks performance of near future of a classmate is good, be worth affirmation, but give lessons as a result of days oneself are whole, had been disinclined to talk, so how to do? Whats need not say actually, in self-study class when, had gone beside that student, pat the shoulder that pats him sufficient. If he feels returning is not very intense, so the shoulder that you take his week repeatedly, so OK and affirmative is, his feeling will be completely different rise, feel oneself shoulder also is not his shoulder, already bear is worn layer upon layer accredit of the teacher and great trust. To the high school student, because the characteristic of development of body and mind decides (did not spread out at this o'clock) , this moment gives domestic swat phone to praise, perhaps carrying him on the back before the face of his good friend to praise the affection that will praise more easily to convey, can produce far-reaching effect to its more.
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