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Add of incident of building of 12 years old of male Tong Zhui: Police appraisal
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“ I am the unique existence on this world, it is unique miracle! What ” says this word is Fu Yongxing surrounds elementary school Wei Zhongzheng of 5 grade student, 23 days night, he is in the 7 buildings of the building to jump down a body to die from the dwelling place.
Jump before the building, he falls bad because of glasses by parental growl a few, to them family of such foreign worker worker, price of a pair of glasses does not poor. After be scolded, …… was running out in this wanting that see the Kingdom of Wei of TV his father has turned next buildings after intention are searched, the son's badly mutilated body saw finally on the flat before the building.
Yesterday, the reporter understands from police station, police makes conclusion to death to Xiaozhongzhengzhi, exclude homicide likelihood. The answer that gives a reporter about the policeman is: Commit suicide.
“ father asks how he is met a glasses strand, he does not reply, father drags his body from TV direction turn come back, he ran out, cry to weather station ……” yesterday, jump what the building dies is small in young lady of elder sister the Kingdom of Wei says, they also do not clear little brother why to wanted to jump down from weather station that day to now, he has “ at ordinary times the fault can admit. ” recollects its little brother before one's death dribs and drabs, the elder sister has a lot of indissoluble with regretful.
Come deep 3 years, like to go up here
The young lady that occupy the Kingdom of Wei is told about, she has two little sisters, little brother Wei Zhongzheng is the smallest, just began a family to finish in Guizhou the section makes a living with cultivate land. A lot of people that their parents resembles that place later are same, go working in the city. After parents arrived Shenzhen, small in giving his grandfather belt. Small in liking to get online, for this the grandfather can scold him sometimes. To facilitate certainly, 2005, read elementary school of 2 grade small in be being taken by parents Shenzhen, into read promote surround elementary school.
Know without the person small in the mood when just going into town and thought, I do not know “ he keeps a diary, he also did not say with us. Young lady of ” the Kingdom of Wei says, small in occupy is promoted surround, discover here has a lot of to come from the child of other place as him, mix with these children slowly ripe.
He liked to go up the life of Shenzhen, be called in " childhood fun " in the composition, he wrote him the issue that in Shenzhen and two associate a happy amuse oneself makes water fight, “ was hit at 8 o'clock, we just stop, I have water all over. Want to come home, still must not be scolded dead to mom! ”
Be in about 4 grade when, family follows him suddenly to put forward, wait for him to finish 5 year, take him to answer Guizhou, because Shenzhen is tuitional too expensive, and the school is far from the dwelling place, no-go. Hear this news, at the beginning, small in objecting strongly, I like “ here! ” he says with father mother. But the consideration that adult has adult, small in the think of a way that understanding parents possibly, but final, he still agrees to answer Guizhou later.
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