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Psychological teacher keeps secret for student privacy please
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On March 14, leader of bureau of Dongguan city education is on job of moral education of middle and primary school and conference of job of mental health education emphasize, each city belongs to elementary school of the middle school, center that press down a street to must provide full-time psychology teacher, achieve certain dimensions to be like the school of 2000 people above, also want to provide teacher of psychology of a full-time. City education bureau puts forward clearly: How is “ saved again, also cannot save this one authorized strength. ”
According to conference introduction, at present Dongguan city only son female much, heart of partial student existence the flimsy, psychology blemish that is a center with ego even character flaw, add family education of ” of family of individual “ question to cooperate bad, this middle and primary school gives birth to reason the mental health problem that face is solved urgently.
Long-term since, people is opposite to the error with psychological problem serious existence this closely guard a secret, as if to mention mental health to be equal at nerve abnormal. Nowadays, educational group can face up to a problem and solve work out bottleneck to be worth bepraise undoubtedly.
Nevertheless, the survey of educational bureau also discovers, although 1000 much people obtain mental health,education grooms aptitude, but the psychological teacher that has a few schools did not assume mental health to teach the job, some just teachs class of thought moral character or other headings in an account book, some schools did not provide psychological teacher even.
However, what need to be on guard most is, whether did psychological teacher oneself reflect good professional level and the professional personal integrity that are worth reliance. If psychological teacher method is undeserved or cannot hugger-mugger, not only cannot have effect of dredge psychology pressure, bring the student into high-pressured mentation to bring about disaster happening even instead.
This kind of worry is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors. Be in on March 14, our newspaper reports Shenzhen the tragic that the one 2 students at the beginning of the name jump down from psychological advisory room. 13 years old first 2 students Zhang Wen (alias) be accused to steal a mobile phone by the classmate and meet with pants is checked, he thinks the mood of own injustice hard be pacified, reach the designated position then at the psychology of 5 buildings advisory room looks for Mr. Zhang to pour out. Unexpectedly Mr. Zhang looks for many teacher, classmate to understand a situation, zhang Wen cannot bear psychological pressure, the brief note jump that writes down “ to treat unjustly ” jumps down, cause 3 class to disable, after this general can be companion with wheelchair only.
According to author understanding, this matter also is caused in Dongguan psychology advisory bound shake, advisory division collective discusses think, the practice of psychological teacher had surmounted the limits that psychology coachs, cross-question the duty that consults Islamic photograph to be not his. Psychology seeks advice from division to must hold position of a third party, keep secret for the student, guarantee against is met the student pour out content send word to the president, other teacher or the person such as the parent.
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