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How does education become obstacle of a kind of life
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It is the exam depends on disease secondly

For instance, think of the life outlet after the university graduates, the first choice that thinks of naturally is taken an examination of namely grind. Even some people are direct one's deceased father grind the “ that calls life ” of the 2nd the university entrance exam, still feel to hold out glory. The heart of a lot of people is actually medium, one's deceased father grinding is a kind of automatic method nevertheless depend on, because they had been used to “ ,the exam brings future ” .

Still having is textual research heat, for instance we often are asked about this kind of problem, go what evidence should the foreign enterprise study? Be like a foreign enterprise is textual research take an examination ofing those who go in is same. Same exam counts defect, the take delight in talking about of the ” of “ standard answer that brings people to be inscribed to interview of renown look forward to, written examination, these exams are confused, do not take an exam, they know life still has the challenge with pretty what scarcely!

It is the person that reduce equalitarianism thirdly.

Equalitarianism person often have a kind of misunderstanding, think of their believe in is ” of view of “ full-scale development, actually the university entrance exam brings not be full-scale development absolutely, is average development view only. The total fraction that place of the university entrance exam takes is average grade actually. Just think, if you regard Gao Sanxue as unripe maths 120 minutes, and English 90 minutes, can you still continue to raise maths? Clearly, to improve assembly performance, you can use bigger energy in the English respect that you are not good at, and in mathematical respect also cannot essence of life is entered, later maths of your the university entrance exam 110 minutes, english 110 minutes, in the end still knows he has what director far from. Equalitarianism person, what this goes actually is commonplace the course that go down.

Its 4 it is life coma syndrome

1, professional coma syndrome

The high school that asks a China is unripe, what major do you like? At least essential “ does not have half person special preference ” , this is professional coma syndrome. What can bring your tremendous progress on a major? Ambition, passion and the abiding to this one major and you are strong curiosity that made clear as a result of long-term be contaminated place, you are clear without the sort of need that feels by accident! A lot of high school are born to follow university major to do not have a bit contact when the newspaper is volunteer even, believe “ tries hard to be able to learn ” or “ interest is the ” that can foster.

Primary purpose of education should be to inspire demand, arouse curious desire, encourage the student's active individual to explore, and our spoon-feed is to tell you answer of dull of a few dull, rot your appetite. The literacy countryman of our country is read rate allegedly only 4 is become, that is to say the 60% people that leave the school also do not read a book one year again. A lot of undergraduates read grinding purpose also is “ will work henceforth go up to learn very hard again. ” walks out of the school not to love to learn so, cannot learn, the position that won't study, the force-feed duck type that is us should try the fruit that educational ties goes.
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