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Besides the university entrance exam, life still has another wonderful
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Beside me the little sister of a friend, suffer a defeat in the university entrance exam this year. Her mother greatly vinegary, the decision cancels to take her to swim the plan of ride of summer vacation time of Beijing, signed up for class of take lessons after school of a summer vacation time for her early, holiday ends, she should is again cross “ black in June ” again answer read a year.

Original achievement does not differ this girl, because,be only psychological pressure be caused by, exam play is wrong. Resemble such girl, I feel to do father and mother should take her to travel to Beijing more, come slow the mood, experience outside colorful world; The 2 fight that will see Beijing University, Tsinghua may arouse her more easily. Unfortunate ground is, the mother hurrieded back her simply finish sth in the cage of the university entrance exam.

This year (complier notes: Point to 2007) , according to the figure that Ministry of Education announces, attend domestic the university entrance exam sign up total number is 10.1 million person, and of countrywide average college admit total number to have 5.67 million person only, this means the candidate for an entrance examination that has close in part to be able to become “ to lose out unripe ” , they are not brim people absolutely, however another big main trend, the life outlet with other what do these people still have?

All sorts of media had been raised in succession action, be answer read, it is to study abroad, it is to choose to go to school of university of run by the local people, technology, still go attending to take an examination of, take an examination of oneself, go reading network university? The “ expedient ” that can think of also does not pass so a few kinds, mutual between prep according to and balance, had been full of the special subject layout of website of a few big main trends, the university entrance exam of intentional person input “ loses out 4 words go to ” in Baidu, find relevant webpage to be browsed can.

The choice of this kind of future is a technology go up, because this is not important, the most important is the choice of idea and mentally actually. Of media discuss have a kind of general and helpless atmosphere, “ falls in already washed-up circumstance, you still are like …… of next loath payable option”

Below consciousness of this kind of idea, anticipate in this kind of psychology below, all choices are flooey.

Let us turn round to look, be in today's China, the university entrance exam already was exaggerated an eccentric person that misshapes into a kind. It had the religious color of some kind of culminating sex, it controls everything of Chinese student, deciding the life meaning of Chinese student and life value, this has to say is allergy of a kind of society.

The university entrance exam comes according to the mark the stand or fall of assess student, this should be one of evaluation systems of integral society only, is not all. Achievement of the university entrance exam is good, the exam level that you prove on certain level is high, book study ability is strong, but kind of this kind of assess is real too too onefold, can't the more multivariate wonderful element that include opens social demand. Each the university entrance exam loses out lay the establish oneself in an unassailable position in wanting to compete in prospective society, what what want attention is essential should be, since I am not good at book study, deal with an exam, my comparison where is the advantage after all? The graduate competition of what renown school do I follow? Or, how do I find them to cannot think compared territory with me at all?
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