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Besides the university entrance exam, life still has another wonderful
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These decided the height that your future career accomplishs, you must be gotten go searching. Successful person has successful law, unsuccessful person has unsuccessful law; Happy person has happy law, sad person has unfortunate regular —— and in these rules, record of formal schooling is a very tiny essential factor only.

For instance, you can choose to go kickball, you can choose to play musical instrument, you can choose to compose, you can choose to make a sale, you can choose to make program development, you can choose to groom the center teachs a course, you also can choose to found an enterprise, I know a lot of more successful people in these domains, they do not have the certificate of record of formal schooling of the university.

My interview is too digital the 22~25 that does not have card of university record of formal schooling year old youth, their average month income is in 10 thousand yuan, it is to be the same as age the university is graduate the at least 3 times above of lunar income, amid discovered an interesting law.

Will evaluate according to achievement, they do not calculate going up is good student, can saying only is poor student; Will evaluate according to obedient degree, they also are not good students, can saying only is bad student.

At that time, it is OK that I discovered this kind of thing of law of ” of bad student of the “ that be called, my summary is: Just differ a student, and you particularly obedient, looking is outlet of it doesn't matter; And if you are differred already bad, before falling to be in very likely 25 years old, pass with respect to lunar income 10 thousand!

Sounding is very absurd not the doctrine of classics, allow me to become more academic explanations please:

Good student has an outlet commonly, superior university, had looked for that one to work already high systematize, should be being done accordingly only is; Bad student (here sheet points to not obedient, the tone on sense of morality of and rather than is harsh —— although they often by division commander coronal with such undeserved name head) also have an outlet, because they can see the wonderful world besides exam system, they develop their distinctive interest, have another oneself lives, likely still and respective body conceives stunt, their self-confident fulcrum not rely is in exam achievement on in that way evaluation system, because after the university entrance exam passes, this often does not hurt body and mind.

Most the student that looking to give those who have what perspective is those “ are poor and not bad ” , they often place a hope at exam system, it is the loser below this system. They often follow good student, can look at its a person's back forever only however. They often go up in the life far not as happy in that way as bad student rich, besides all book study go to fail to get this ability is truly unintelligible life predicament developing —— enoughly character!
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