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Besides the university entrance exam, life still has another wonderful
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Reading university itself is not an outlet absolutely, after reading an university also unlikelihood what outlet. Reading with do not read between, reading what university such problem thinks besides, I just miss the topic for discussion with say I think more serious: A person should be known see the world besides the university entrance exam, see multivariate what social servent gives birth to a likelihood is multicolored and colorful, in myriad midpoint takes the likelihood a kind of color that belongs to oneself: Red extremely popular, blue so blue that fully black —— takes place each good, develop a strong point, achieve the perfection of a kind of color, everybody has ” of different “ best outlet, because this is more gorgeous,this world also is met much appearance, yi Yi is unripe brightness.

Think again later: Answer read? Study abroad? Run by the local people? Ability school? Take an examination of oneself? Into one's deceased father? Network university …… this kind of problem, because frankly speaking, think this kind of problem has no way out only.

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